Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT

Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT, is a novelist, science writer and long-time vegan, environmentalist, and zero-waste, self-sufficiency wannabe. Her work on solar policy has been published in the Canadian National Observer. Leigh’s personal website is: http://www.leighmatthews.xyz/

BPA free
It’s also a lot harder to go BPA-free than you might think, especially in the U.S.
8000 Kicks womens sneakers review
800 Kicks Seeker Sneaker is PFAS/PFC-free waterproof, 100% vegan and made with hemp, recycled and natural rubber.
Petaluma dog food review
We tested Petaluma's eco-friendly, plant-based, dog food with our Border Collie, Kali. Here is our review of this innovative, green dog food.
Caraway non-toxic bakeware review.
Is Caraway bakeware a good buy? We put Caraway to the test, and reviewed 3rd party testing to confirm the products are free of forever chemicals.
tentree backpack
The tentree Mobius rolltop 35-liter backpack is smart, sustainable, and understated. Here is our review after extensive testing.
The best sustainable, non-toxic rainboots for kids, plus what to look out for when doing your research.
Best online thrift stores
Buying used is often the most sustainable option for fashion. Here are the best online thrift stores for all types of shoppers.
We tested the Foreo ISSA3 electric toothbrush and have a lot to say on both the pros, and cons, of this innovative product.
Caraway cookware non-toxic review
Caraway non-toxic cookware is LeafScore staff tested and rated 5 leaves. The products are PFOA, PFAS, and PTFE free.
Plushbeds GOLT latex
Now you can make sure your baby sleeps soundly with a natural and eco-friendly latex crib mattress. Latex is firm, porous and disperses heat and is naturally antimicrobial and dust mite-resistant. Discover the benefits of latex here!
Best green credit cards
Looking for a truly green credit card? Here are 4 cards that actually walk the walk when it comes to sustainability.

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