Leigh Matthews

Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT, is a science writer specializing in health and the environment. She is a zero-waste, self-sufficiency advocate, long-time vegan, mama, and environmentalist. As her parents will attest, Leigh has always asked a lot of questions (“But… why!?”), and has made a career out of digging into the research, nerding out on little-known facts, and finding creative ways to share knowledge and raise awareness of greener, eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. She’s especially interested in ecotoxicology, genotoxicology, nutriepigenetics, diet as preventative medicine, and the politics of food justice and food security.

Leigh studied at the University of York, UK, and obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Philosophy & English, followed by study at the University of West London for a Higher Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. She continues to study and likes to learn something new every day.

To enhance her knowledge of safe and sustainable manufacturing and product development, Leigh has completed the following courses most recently:

Chemicals and Health / Johns Hopkins University / Sep 2019 / Credential Identifier E76QVVFKAU5T
Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management / Lund University / Aug 2019 / Credential ID QG9V8HZXTR4M

In addition, Leigh’s writing on Canada’s solar sector has appeared in the Canadian National Observer.

When she isn’t poring over an environmental report or medical journal, or scrutinizing the labels of products to check their green and non-toxic credentials, Leigh can be found on the beach or in the forest with her border collie, baby, and wife, at home in her veggie garden, digging into a good book, or weaving the plot of her latest novel.

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