The 11 Best Organic & Sustainable Crib Sheets

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Written by Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT


Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT

Sustainability Expert

Leigh Matthews is a sustainability expert and long time vegan. Her work on solar policy has been published in Canada's National Observer.


Your best bet for sustainable crib sheets is to choose organic cotton products that are unbleached and undyed or printed with natural, water-based dyes.

Table of Contents
  1. Naturepedic Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets
  2. Burt’s Bees Baby – Fitted Crib Sheets
  3. Blaynk Organic Crib Sheets
  4. American Baby Company Organic Sheets
  5. Nature Baby

You’ve agonized over a crib and crib mattress, but what about crib sheets? Your baby will spend most of their first few months sleeping, and will likely spit up, pee, and poop while doing so. As such, it pays to have at least three good quality sheets on hand for quick changes.

Here are our picks of the best organic sustainable crib sheets, to give your baby a cozy, eco-friendly place to sleep and contemplate their future as a budding environmentalist. With a little care, these crib sheets can see you right through to the toddler years and be passed on afterward. This helps to minimize the overall environmental impact of your sheets.

A note about dyes in crib sheets

As a quick note, most crib sheets are made with conventional cotton and troublesome dyes. Cotton is one of the most resource-intensive fibers around. It uses a vast amount of water and requires huge amounts of pesticides and other chemicals. While there likely won’t be much in the way of pesticide or dye residues in the sheets themselves, this kind of textile production is terrible for the environment. Many dyes end up in wastewater, for instance, where they can cause health issues for aquatic animals and other wildlife.

Here are our picks for the best organic, sustainable standard crib sheets, mini crib sheets, bassinet sheets, and sheets for the Pack ‘n’ Play.


Naturepedic Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets

Leaf Score

Highlights: Machine washable crib sheets made with organic cotton by a company with outstanding environmental credentials.

Available in ivory or white, the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet is a great choice for sustainable baby bedding. The sheets are made from 300 thread count certified organic cotton and meet Greenguard standards for eliminating chemical emissions.

FYI: The listing at EarthHero suggests these crib sheets are waterproof, which may have you thinking (like me!) that there’s a polyethylene backing to them. Having chatted to Naturepedic, however, I can confirm that the sheets are made only with organic cotton.

Naturepedic is certified by the Organic Exchange Certification Program to ensure proper tracking of organic materials from its source to the finished product (OCS100 Organic Content Standard). This product is also MADE SAFE Certified and the family-owned company is a Green America approved Green Business.

Almost all Naturepedic products are made in the USA using domestically sourced materials, making them very eco-friendly. The company is also a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of sales annually to environmental non-profits. Naturepedic is also a partner of Women’s Voices for Earth, focusing on eliminating toxins from our daily lives. The company is even a member of the Ohio Environmental Council, Ohio’s leading advocacy council regarding environmental policy.

Naturepedic is a recognized EPA Green Power Partner, which means that it has pledged to support renewable energy where possible. Currently, that appears to mean wind energy!

These sheets are also available as an oval Stokke crib sheet measuring 28″ x 52″ x 6″. It has all the same qualities as the standard crib sheets and costs the same!

All of the Naturepedic organic cotton sheets can be machine washed on warm and tumble dried on low, making these some of the easiest sheets to care for.

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Burt’s Bees Baby – Fitted Crib Sheets

Burt’s Bees is one of our favorite brands at Leaf Score as the company is a B Corporation that clearly cares about the environment and its customers. Burt’s Bees offers three sizes of crib sheets made with GOTS certified organic cotton. All are affordable and available in a variety of colors, with some twin packs available.

While these organic cotton sheets will shrink a little (about 5%) after the first wash, they typically fit most mattresses snugly (as desired for any crib or bassinet sheets). Follow the care instructions carefully though, being sure to machine wash cold on a gentle cycle and dry on low or air dry only. Burt’s Bees Baby sheets have a 200 thread count and are super soft and breathable.

FWIW, I’d definitely avoid buying these sheets from Amazon as there appear to be some rogue sellers sending out poor quality counterfeits or used products. Bed Bath & Beyond carries a wide range of Burt’s Bees Baby products including crib sheets in a variety of colors and prints.


Burt’s Bees Baby – Mini Crib / Pack ‘n Play / Portable Playard Sheet

Leaf Score

Highlights: The perfect fit for a pack and play or mini crib, made with certified organic cotton and available in cute colors.

Designed to fit a mini crib mattress and standard pack ‘n play mattresses, these sheets measure 38″ L x 24″ W x 10″ H. They come in a variety of solid colors including pink, grey, and white, as well as a striped pattern.

The sheets are made with GOTS certified organic cotton, just like most things from Burt’s Bees. Full elastic sides make for a snug and secure fit. Extra fabric overlap on the bottom edge helps to prevent sheets creeping up on the mattress’s sides.


Burt’s Bees Baby – Fitted Jersey Bassinet Sheet

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Highlights: Super soft jersey certified organic cotton sheets with 360 elastic in really cute patterns and solid colors.

Burt’s Bees Baby Fitted Bassinet Sheets are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and have 360 degree elastic for a safe, secure fit. The jersey cotton is super soft and breathable, and the sheets measure 33″ L x 15″ W inches. Watch out for a typo in the item description at the link above; this states that the sheet is 21.5 inches wide – it isn’t. Extra fabric on bottom edge helps to prevent the sheets from creeping up on the mattress.

These are available in a variety of solid colors and patterns, as singles and as a twin pack for cost savings.


Burt’s Bees Baby – Standard Crib Sheet

Leaf Score

Highlights: Super soft organic cotton sheet for a standard sized crib mattress with 360 elastic for a snug and safe fit.

Made with the same super soft knit jersey GOTS certified organic cotton as Burt’s Bees Baby’s other sheets, these crib sheets fit a standard crib and toddler mattress. They measure 28 x 52 inches long and have elastic all the way round for a snug fit. Extra fabric on the bottom helps prevent sheet creep during naptime.


Blaynk Organic Crib Sheets

Leaf Score

Highlights: As eco-friendly as it gets! Crib sheets made with undyed organic cotton processed with rainwater and wind power!

If you’re looking for luxury and the most eco-friendly sheets around (and budget is no issue) the Undyed Organic Cotton Crib Sheet from Blaynk is just the ticket. Made with 400 thread count organic cotton, using nothing but rainwater, in a wind-powered factory, these sheets are as sustainable as it gets.

Blaynk’s manufacturing process relies entirely on harvested rainwater and the fabrics are completely undyed, with no chemicals used to process the textiles. This means no wastewater or pollution. The company’s factories are Fair Trade and OEKO-TEX Certified to ensure ethical business practices and responsible resource use. Thanks to being 100% wind-powered, the production of these sheets is pretty much emissions-free.

Blaynk also get bonus points for packaging its sheets in a reusable cotton bag (great for zero-waste shopping!) and ships everything plastic-free in recyclable packaging.

These organic crib sheets are machine washable but should be hung to dry.

American Baby Company Organic Sheets

American Baby Company offers a wide range of crib, cradle, and bassinet sheets as well as a Pack N Play Playard sheet all made with GOTS certified organic cotton. Check the individual listings carefully to ensure you choose the right sheets to fit your mattress.

While the sheets themselves are top-notch and affordable, I’ve docked a leaf for the company as a whole. Why? Because the American Baby Company has little, if anything, in the way of corporate social responsibility and no clear sustainability strategy. Compared to Burt’s Bees and others, ABC is way behind the game.


American Baby Company – Knit Fitted Crib Sheets

Leaf Score

Highlights: Undyed crib sheets made with organic cotton at an affordable price.

American Baby Company offers very affordable crib sheets made with GOTS certified organic cotton in a natural, undyed color. These sheets measure 28″ X 52″ X 9″ and fit up to a 6 inch thick mattress. There is elastic all around for a snug and secure fit and the sheets can be machine washed with cold water and dried on low. Sheets cost around $21.99 for one or just $30.49 for a twin pack!


American Baby Company – Knit Fitted Portable/Mini Crib Sheets

Leaf Score

Highlights: Affordable and machine washable (on cold) organic cotton crib sheets for a portable or mini crib.

Similar to the standard crib sheets from American Baby Company, these portable or mini crib sheets are made with GOTS organic cotton and are undyed with a natural color. The super soft t-shirt cotton is cozy and machine washable on cold. Sheets can be tumbled dried on low. The sheets measure 24 x 38 x 5 inches, fitting up to a 3-inch deep mattress. They have elastic corners for a snug and secure fit and come in a twin pack for $20.76 or a single for $9.99 currently.


American Baby Company – Knit Fitted Pack N Play Playard Sheet

Leaf Score

Highlights: Super affordable crib sheets made with organic cotton for the thicker Playard mattress (will still fit the thinner mattress).

Designed to fit the Pack N Play Playard mattress, these sheets are made with organic cotton and come in a natural color, with no dyes. The sheets measure 27″ x 39″ x 4″ and are machine washable using cold water. They are very affordable at just $12 or so for a single sheet and $22 for a set of two sheets. If you don’t have a new, slightly thicker Playard mattress and have a Graco model, these sheets might feel a little loose but are still secure.


American Baby Company – Knit Fitted Bassinet Sheets

Leaf Score

Highlights: Organic cotton bassinet sheets at a very affordable price.

American Baby Company also makes organic bassinet sheets that fit standard size bassinets and measure 15 x 33 inches with a 4-inch pocket for a secure fit. These sheets are machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried on low. They come in a pack of two for just $15!

Nature Baby

Nature Baby make some of the nicest sustainable organic crib and bassinet sheets around, with options including fitted sheets made with GOTS organic cotton jersey and delightfully crinkly organic cotton muslin sheets. Nature Baby products are also made entirely in certified SA8000, Fairtrade, BSCI or WRAP Standard factories, which cover environmental responsibility as well as social responsibility.

The company uses entirely organic cotton and other natural materials for its products and all packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. All garments are packed in bio-bags to ensure they stay clean during transit and in storage. These bags are collected from stores and warehouse and commercially composted.

While Nature Baby doesn’t have any specific environmental initiatives, hence the docking of a leaf, it does plan to complete a full sustainability report by 2025. So, chances are the company will achieve that extra leaf soon!


Nature Baby – Organic Cotton Jersey Fitted Bassinet and Crib Sheet

Leaf Score

Highlights: GOTS organic cotton jersey crib sheets and bassinet sheets.

Made with GOTS organic cotton jersey, these fitted sheets are super soft and pre-washed at a GOTS certified factory. That means you don’t have to worry about them shrinking after the first wash!

The sheets come in a matching travel bag (reuse as a zero-waste shopping bag!) and are currently available in three colors and a fun print.

The crib sheet measures 130 x 70 x 19, while the bassinet sheet measures 85 x 45 x 14.5 cm.


Nature Baby – Organic Cotton Muslin Fitted Sheet Twin-Pack

Leaf Score

Highlights: French seamed absorbent and soft muslin organic cotton fitted crib sheets that get softer with every wash.

If you have a Moses mattress measuring 74 cm x 38 cm, the Nature Baby organic cotton muslin fitted sheets are a great choice. Available undyed and in a lagoon blue/green, these absorbent sheets have French seams (hidden on the outside for maximum comfort).

The sheets come in a pack of two, wrapped in a drawstring bag. You can machine wash these sheets in cold or warm water and dry on low or line dry.

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