How Leaf Score Makes and Donates Money

Written by The LeafScore Team


The LeafScore Team

This article was written as a collaboration by the LeafScore editorial team.


This page is an Affiliate Disclosure.

Uh oh, Affiliate Disclosure.

Sounds ominous. What does this mean?

At Leaf Score, we are committed to bringing you the safest and best nontoxic, eco-friendly, green products. Compiling all of this information takes a lot of time and a lot of love. In order to fund this research, we often enter into affiliate relationships with some of the brands we highlight.

When you click one of these affiliate links and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission. Our commission does not increase the cost of the goods for you and we only enter into affiliate relationships brands we believe in and use ourselves.

And while we do fund our research with affiliate revenue, not every post on this site is an affiliate post.

Finding the best eco-friendly and nontoxic products is priority number one for us. Affiliate revenue is second. As such, when the best green brands are not affiliate friendly, we still list them.

What are Leaf Score’s costs?

Leaf Score is a relatively new site. As with any startup, we had up front costs to “get the ball rolling” and we have ongoing costs to operate the site. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on design, software development, and content to give Leaf Score the polish you see today.

We believe in providing our readers with the best content on sustainable manufacturing, eco-friendly products, nontoxic alternatives to everyday products, and tools for fighting climate change anywhere on the web. In order to deliver this content to our audience, we invest in our people, and we pay them a fair wage to research the environmental impact of our purchasing decisions and to write guides our readers can use to find the most sustainable options for their families.

Other regular costs include hosting, advertising, payroll, and ongoing site maintenance. As the site and our community of readers continues to grow, we expect to be able to increase the size of the donations we make to American Forests and to plant even more trees.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

The Leaf Score Team

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