SURI Electric Toothbrush Review After One Year of Use

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Written by Lydia Noyes


Lydia Noyes

Climate Journalist

Lydia Noyes is an organic farmer and climate journalist. She is a member of the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism.


We tested the SURI Electric Toothbrush for one year. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of using a SURI toothbrush, how it stacks up to competitors like FOREO, and why the product earns a 5-leaf rating from our team.

Table of Contents
  1. About SURI
  2. Our experience with SURI after one year
  3. About SURI Toothbrush Recycling
  4. SURI Vs. Foreo ISSA Toothbrush
  5. Customer Reviews of the SURI Toothbrush
  6. SURI Electric Toothbrush

Americans alone throw away one billion toothbrushes each year. Most wind up in landfills—or worse, the ocean. Oral care newcomer Suri aims to change that equation with an electric toothbrush made with reusable, repairable, and recyclable parts for a longer lifespan and less waste in the long run.

SURI Electric Toothbrush

Highlights: The brush has a built-in two-minute smart timer with haptic feedback every 30 seconds to keep you on track with each quadrant in your mouth. The brush head is made from sustainably sourced cornstarch, and the bristles are composed of castor oil. Its long-lasting, repairable aluminum handle is fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

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About SURI

SURI (short for Sustainable Rituals) aims to create personal care products that make your daily rituals a positive choice for the planet. The brand has headquarters in the UK and USA but ships worldwide.

The SURI toothbrush was created by company co-founders Gyve Safavi and Mark Rushmore. After years of experience working for the multinational brand P&G, the two joined forces to create a sonic electric toothbrush with a better environmental impact.

Dan Simms our resident product tester reviewed SURI for our YouTube channel.

Our experience with SURI after one year

What we like

  • Effective cleaning – sustainable and practical
  • Travel friendly with a UV case that doubles as a charger
  • Non-toxic materials – plant based brush head
  • Sustainable brush head replacements

What could be better

  • Made in China
  • Charge doesn’t last as long as FOREO
  • Magnetic mirror mount relies on sticky backing and can only be used one time

The first thing you notice about SURI is that the company put some thought into its packaging, Unlike FOREO, which ships in a thick plastic case, SURI utilized recyclable cardboard. The unboxing experience instills trust in the brand.

SURI toothbrush packaging

SURI’s electric toothbrush is designed with intention. It’s a slim design that’s approximately ⅓ the size of a standard electric toothbrush and comes equipped with travel-friendly accessories. One of those accessories, the UV case, is pictured below. At first glance, the UV case may seem like an unnecessary upgrade (the brush is available without the case), but when you realize it doubles as a charger, we feel it’s worth the extra $20. Especially if you travel regularly, having the ability to disinfect your toothbrush while also protecting it from random items in your toiletry bag is a nice option.

The itself feels brush feels elegant in your hand.

The SURI UV case which doubles as a charger.
SURI toothbrush in UV case
Charging our SURI in the UV case.

You’ll get 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute of use for an extra-thorough clean. This is different than the oscillating technology that many brushes use, in which the vibration levels are often lower, but the brush head itself will physically rotate. Both technologies are recommended by dentists and effective for removing plaque, but Suri’s vibrations might feel more gentle on your teeth.

Our SURI toothbrush next to the UV case.
SURI’s USB charger.

The brush has a built-in two-minute smart timer with haptic feedback every 30 seconds to keep you on track with each quadrant in your mouth. Unlike other brushes that can be jarring near your ears, Suri’s gentle buzzing only reaches 54dB.

The SURI is nice and quiet and won’t wake up a partner sleeping in the next room as many electric toothbrushes will.

Don’t worry about a recharge—the battery will last 40 uses or more before you need to plug it in again. When the battery does run out, the included charger (or UV case) restores it to full power in just four hours.  

One potential drawback is that the SURI is about as simple as it looks.

There’s not much available in the way of customizing it—you can’t change the brushing timing or intensity, and there’s no app for tracking your progress. Instead, it offers a back-to-basics brushing experience with the benefit of being battery-operated. No pressure sensor is available, although the brush comes with two-speed modes and soft bristles.

It can be hard to figure out how to increase the brush speed. We found ourselves fumbling with the buttons more than we would have liked.

What is the SURI Toothbrush Made From?

SURI aims to use materials that are both durable and close to their natural form for its brushes to minimize waste and their environmental impact. Our readers can use SURI knowing it is a non-toxic product.

The brush head is made from sustainably sourced cornstarch, and the bristles are composed of castor oil—ensuring they are free of petroleum-derived plastic. Its long-lasting, repairable aluminum handle is fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating (one of the highest available).

The brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends to end-of-lifespan decisions too. In fact, Suri includes a pre-paid mailer with every order so you can ship used brush heads back for industrial composting.

Each brush is made in China, although SURI is looking into developing local facilities in America and the UK. Thanks to a partnership with Climate Partner, the brand offsets the carbon associated with each brush.

Likewise, SURI is in the process of becoming fully B-Corps accredited. This certification standard indicates that a company demonstrates high social and environmental performance in transparent, measurable ways.  

About SURI Toothbrush Recycling

SURI makes disposing of used toothbrush heads effortless by including a compostable return mailer with every order. (UK customers can skip the mailer and instead use any envelope with “FREEPOST SURI” written on it. They ask that you ship back three or more at a time to minimize the carbon footprint.

Once received, SURI will send the brush heads to an industrial composter.

If you don’t want to mail back your brush head, it’s possible to prepare it for industrial composting at home instead.

  1. Remove the bristles with pliers and dispose of them in the trash (they are plant-based and will break down in a few years).
  2. Use the pliers to pull out the inner core of the toothbrush head for home recycling.
  3. Send the outer shell (made of cornstarch) to a local industrial composter.

The brush’s body is a long-lasting aluminum that is easily recycled at home once you’re through with it. SURI will do it for you if you contact them first for instructions.

And, since the brush isn’t sealed shut, you can send your broken brush back to the brand for repairs. Brushes under warranty will be fixed for free. Contact for more details.

SURI Vs. Foreo ISSA Toothbrush

One electric toothbrush that is finding itself increasingly compared to SURI is the FOREO ISSA. When we tested them head to head, SURI was the clear winner. The ISSA battery life is perhaps a few months longer, but the SURI just feels like a better product. One of the bih knocks on the ISSA is it seems more sustainable than practical.

The Foreo ISSA 3 is made from environmentally-friendly silicone and cleans your teeth, cheeks, and tongue. Like SURI, the super-soft bristles ensure you get a dentist-approved clean without damaging your enamel.

Its strengths include an ultra-long-lasting battery, sanitary silicone bristles, and smart memory features that remember your brush settings between uses. For those who want a customizable experience, this brush utilizes sonic pulse technology at an impressive 16 intensities.

While the SURI requires charging every 40 days, you can go up to an entire year between charges with the ISSA-3.

While it’s not compostable like the SURI, the ISSA brush’s silicone is 100% waterproof and free of BPA and phthalates. Unfortunately, the ISSA brush and replacement heads are shipped in plenty of plastic that immediately becomes trash once you receive it.

For pricing, the Foreo Issa brush starts at $189 plus $10 shipping for the brush and three heads. This includes a two-year warranty. That’s significantly more than the SURI, although you do get more brush heads and twice the warranty length.

Which brush is best? Consider the ISSA if silicone appeals to you and want the convenience of electric brushing without ever thinking about charging. But, for those who prioritize a better brush, a positive environmental impact, and a sound end-of-life plan for their product, the SURI brush wins on all accounts. Our tester, Dan Simms preferred the SURI brush over ISSA after filming his “Best Electric Toothbrush Cage Match” linked to above.

Customer Reviews of the SURI Toothbrush

The SURI toothbrush is winning praise across many corners of the internet. The brand has a rating of 4.7 stars after almost 500 reviews on Trustpilot, with many reviewers sharing how pleasantly surprised they were by the brush’s price, performance, appearance, and longevity. These positive reviews jive with our experience after a year of use.

Many report that they love the travel case and magnetic wall attachment for saving space in a small bathroom (we think the magnetic wall attachment is perhaps the worst part of the SURI experience because, once stuck to the wall, it can’t be used again).

Others love the modular design that allows for parts replacement to extend its lifespan. The brand’s customer service is also rated as top-notch, with SURI being responsive whenever users have concerns.

In a few instances, customers share that the brush doesn’t seem to clean as well as other electric models—likely because they are used to higher intensity brushing settings than the SURI allows for.

Overall, the toothbrush gets a glowing recommendation from just about everyone that leaves a review for it.

Our Opinion- Should You Try the SURI Electric Toothbrush?

There’s a lot to like about the SURI toothbrush. It comes at a relatively low price point, requires minimal maintenance, and is covered by a generous year-long warranty. The brush is also free of plastic components and can be recycled and composted at the end of its (intentionally long) lifespan. And perhaps best of all, its functionality stacks up well compared to other electric toothbrushes, meaning you can use it with confidence that it’s keeping your teeth clean.

For these reasons, we wholeheartedly recommend SURI.

SURI Electric Toothbrush

Leaf Score

Highlights: The brush has a built-in two-minute smart timer with haptic feedback every 30 seconds to keep you on track with each quadrant in your mouth. The brush head is made from sustainably sourced cornstarch, and the bristles are composed of castor oil. Its long-lasting, repairable aluminum handle is fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

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